Alexander Isak Borussia Dortmund tactical analysis statistics
Artwork by @chapulana

Those of you who were lucky enough to watch Zlatan Ibrahimović at Ajax will remember just how much of a force he was in the Netherlands. His power and height contrasted with his grace and technique, but it worked. One of the best young strikers to come out of Sweden since Ibrahimović is 19-year-old Alexander Isak.

Their similarities aren’t limited to nationality and position, though. Isak is similarly lanky and powerful, while also possessing the gift of a beautiful first touch and impressive technique. Now, the Dortmund prodigy is following in his fellow countryman’s footsteps by tearing up defences in the Dutch Eredivisie.


Alexander Isak is on loan at Willem II (pronounced ʋɪləm ˈtʋe, or ‘Villem Tvay’ to the English ear), a mid-tiered Eredivisie side, from German giants Borussia Dortmund. The Swedish frontman is known around the continent by fans who are well-versed in their European wonderkids database. However, as Isak continues to grow, he is quickly on track to transform from a potential talent to one already succeeding on the big stage.

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