Aside from Bayern Munich, Borussia Dortmund is the best team in Germany. They’ve been the only team able to compete comfortably with Bayern for many years. However, they’ve not been able to take the league from Munich for over a decade. But they keep trying to usurp the first place. 

You can count on them to give some memorable moments, but betting on them to win the league might be like playing a high volatility slot at a real money online casino. There is a chance that you will win, but it is long. So, you might prefer to stick to individual games.

Last season Dortmund finished second, but they weren’t very close to the champions. After losing Haaland, the team needed a replacement to remain competitive in the league. They went on to buy many players, and we are expecting them to do better this season and rival Bayern.

The team had 12 new arrivals that would be part of the team for the new season. These players would be bringing something different to the team. So, from the 12 players, we want to look at five of them and how they would help the team achieve their objectives for the season. 

Sebastien Haller

One of the team’s top arrivals this season is Sebastien Haller. The Ivorian was one of the best players in Europe last season after he scored many goals for Ajax. 

The team was able to dominate Eredivise without hassle, thanks to the introduction of Haller to the team. They were more impressive.

The player improved massively from his time at West Ham, where he struggled to get goals. As he’s now part of the Dortmund team, the player would have the chance to keep going and give his team a chance to progress. They would have another top striker this season. 

Niklas Sule

The German defender has played for Bayern Munich for many years and has won plenty of Bundesliga trophies. The German switched to Dortmund after it felt like he would get less playing time with the new defenders in the team. So, joining Dortmund was a great move.

Sule would bring the champion’s mentality to the team, and his experience would help the team improve. Undoubtedly, Dortmund would enjoy Sule being part of the team, and once he can gel with the team, their defensive side would be more robust, making them a more formidable team to face. 

Goktan Gurpuz

Goktan Gurpuz is an excellent player that is on the rise. The youngster is only 19, making him a perfect fit for the Dortmund team. 

Everyone knows the team has always loved taking in young players from different leagues. Therefore, we are not shocked that Gurpuz fell on the list of players.

The youngster would be filling into the Attacking Midfield role, where he would provide depth to the team and give them more to work with. The coach can always call on him to fill in for other players. In no time, we would find out more about the player and see how he improves his game. 

Karim Adeyemi

Another youngster that is joining the incredible list of talents at Dortmund is Karim Adeyemi. He used to play in Austria with RB Salzburg, but after an impressive run in the 2021/2022 UCL season, the player became a global sensation. It was no shock when Dortmund snatched him up to add to their talented list of players. 

Adeyemi would be part of the attacking talents in the team and would help them compete on different levels. He already has experience playing Bayern. Therefore, it won’t be a problem when Dortmund has to play against the defending champions. He can help the team all through the season. 

Salih Ozcan

Finally, on our list is Salih Ozcan, another exciting youngster approaching his prime. The player would be given a chance to grow into his ability so that he can help the team become better as they try to close the gap between them and the defending champions. Ozcan would help to provide cover for the defense.

The defensive midfield will help control the tempo of the game and bring more organization to the midfield. The player has a lot to offer Dortmund throughout this season, and we would love to see how he performs for the team and what he helps them achieve at the end of the season.