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One of the biggest stories over the next 12 months will be the long-term future of Jadon Sancho, and where he could possibly end up. There is no shortage of admirers for the winger, with a move back to England looking like the most likely destination.

However, when Sancho leaves the club, there will be a void that will need to be filled from a Dortmund point of view. The Englishman has been imperative to the German sides attacking play, and without him, they may not have achieved as much as they have over the past couple of years. But, who should Dortmund be looking at to replace the pacey winger?

Credentials For The Replacement

Like we mentioned, the impact that Sancho has in an attacking sense is overwhelming. The player that will replace him will need to ensure that they can play the same game as the man that is departed the club. Should they fit straight in, then the club can continue to progress at the same rate that they have been.

Sancho this season has been excelling at scoring as well as creating for his teammates. He has scored four goals and assisted six.

He averages 2.7 dribbles per match too, which highlights that the player that is replacing him must be able to have a final product in terms of setting up their teammates, as well as taking the chances themselves.

These players are very few and far between, and that is why Sancho will attract such a seismic transfer fee when he does eventually leave the club.

However, Dortmund do feel that they have found a few potential replacements for the Englishman, and should he leave then these are the players they will likely make a move for.

Javairo Dilrosun

The first player that has been linked with a move to Dortmund to Hertha Berlin’s 21-year-old winger Javairo Dilrosun. It isn’t hard to see why the winger has been linked with the move, because he does have all the ability to replace Sancho.

He has a prowess in the attacking third that is very similar to the Englishman, and the stats back it up and it’s no surprise that Liverpool and Chelsea are eyeing him as a target too.

So far this season, he has scored three goals and made two assists. He averages a pass completion rate of 71.6% and has more speed than a horse in the Kentucky Derby racetracks. He is currently playing in a very exciting Berlin side, that put the emphasis on the attacking third in a very similar way to how Dortmund do.

That experience would also be crucial as he could seamlessly fit into the starting line up with Dortmund without needing time to settle.

He will need to get more experience with dribbling with the ball; however, as his average of 1.3 dribbles per match is way below the average set by Sancho. However, this would be something that he is certainly capable of.

Ferran Torres

The second player linked with making the move to Germany is Ferran Torres, but he is a slightly different player to both Sancho and Dilrosun. He would present an investment for Dortmund, and he may not be a player that is going to flourish straight away. The 19-year-old will need to adapt to a new style of play, as Dortmund aren’t as focused on possession as Valencia are.

Torres is guilty of being wasteful with the ball from crossing and shooting positions, which will also be a concern. He has scored and assisted once so far this season in his eight La Liga appearances. However, unlike the previously mentioned players, Torres is a big threat in the air.

He wins two aerial duels per game and is a solid passer of the ball. He boasts a brilliant 82.7% pass completion rate. The arrival of Torres would mean a slight progression of Dortmund tactics, but one that could make them more competitive on the European stage.

At present, they are ranked as massive outsiders for the Champions League, but a bigger summer window in 2020 could see them have a better chance.