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“American Dream” Gio Reyna is among the greatest young talents in world soccer, based on his Borussia Dortmund team-mate Erling Haaland.

Reyna, together with Haaland and England global Jadon Sancho, have formed a gruesome front for its Bundesliga club that year – and with three players aged 20 and under, they have the capacity to be stars of European soccer for a long time to come.

Even though Haaland and Sancho will be the larger names of this trio, the Norwegian striker is filled with praise for American ahead Reyna, who he says has astonished him with his lack of dread and directness in attack.

The striker states Reyna – that he pushes to training as the adolescent isn’t old enough to have a vehicle yet – is currently a top talent in world soccer and he feels blessed to call him a team-mate in Dortmund.

Haaland told ESPN: “He is 17-and-a-half shortly, so at this young age to be this calm on the ball and perform for such a major team, it is very intriguing to observe how calm he is and he does not care about anything, he jumps right into it.

“He is a leading gift, and we are blessed to have him. The American Dream, I call him .”

Reyna, who had been born in Durham, England, and is the son of former United States global Claudio Reyna, had produced eight Bundesliga looks in his breakthrough effort for Dortmund prior to the year has been disrupted by the coronavirus epidemic.

He might be a team-mate of Haaland and Sancho for more, but with both gamers heavily connected with other significant clubs across Europe.

Haaland, however, says he’s pleased with his life at Dortmund so much and says that the group spirit at the club has helped smooth his movement out of Red Bull Salzburg, later moving from Austria into Germany at January.

He explained: “Yeah, it has been an excellent beginning and out of my introduction I have been enjoying it a great deal and grinning a lot and these sorts of things and that is what is very important in my own life, to grin a lot. So, yeah, that is exactly what I attempt to perform the most.

“I feel I am improving daily and I play even greater teammates compared to that which I played in Salzburg – all of regard to Salzburg – but yeah they could find me even greater scenarios and this, so yeah it has been great. It has been a fantastic first couple of months.”