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Photo by 3dman_eu, Public Domain

There is a growing number of British football fans who are being lured to Germany for weekend breaks to experience the raw, unbridled passion of Borussia Dortmund’s supporters. The Westfalenstadion is one of the most iconic football stadia on the planet, with its vast single-tier kop behind the goal creating a cacophony of noise that few teams from the English Premier League can compete with.

The stadium now has a capacity of well over 80,000, which is almost twice the size of stadia such as Stamford Bridge and even Anfield. Weekend trips to watch Borussia play and soak up the city of Dortmund are becoming increasingly popular among stag groups looking to combine high-end Bundesliga action with some of Europe’s best beer and nightlife. Dortmund is a city with a rich sporting and entertainment pedigree. Aside from its iconic football team, the city has played host to Europe’s leading tours for poker pros, as well as the European Championship for darts.

If you’re looking for a guide to travelling from the UK to watch Borussia Dortmund, then you’ve come to the right place:

Flying into Dortmund from the UK

Flights from the UK to Dortmund aren’t as frequent as you might think. In fact, only Ryanair and easyJet offer direct flights to Dortmund from the UK. You can fly out of either London Stansted or London Luton, but nowhere else in the UK offers direct flights; flying from elsewhere in the UK, including Manchester, Birmingham, Edinburgh and Glasgow, requires connecting flights.

Driving to Dortmund from the UK

If you prefer the idea of hiring a minibus for you and your friends and driving across the Channel into western mainland Europe, it’s a journey that will take you 12 to 13 hours of continuous travel. You can take the Channel Tunnel train and drive through Belgium and southern Holland into western Germany. Alternatively, you can take the overnight ferry from Harwich in Essex to the Hook of Holland, before driving through the heart of the Netherlands and down into western Germany.

Taking the train to Dortmund from the UK

Dortmund Hauptbahnhof in all its glory

Photo by hpgruesen, Public Domain

Alternatively, you could kick back and take the train from London to Dortmund—with a few transfers in between, of course. You’ll start by taking the Eurostar from London to Brussels before journeying from ICE Brussels to Cologne. You’ll then board a regional express line from Cologne to Dortmund. All in, without delays, this journey takes around seven hours, and low-cost fares are available if you book well in advance.

Staying in Dortmund

Whether you’re on a stag or just fancying a weekend of German football culture, the best area in Dortmund to stay in is in close proximity to the city centre and Dortmund Hauptbahnhof. Airport shuttles run from the main train station to the airport from the early hours, and the German Football Museum is situated a stone’s throw from this area. Just beware that the museum is closed on Mondays!

There’s plenty to see and do before and after the Dortmund football match, with the Zoo and the city’s plethora of parks offering a great chance to stretch your legs and get some fresh air. There’s also the Florian telecommunications Tower for those who enjoy panoramic views of cityscapes. Dortmund’s Christmas Market is also legendary and one of the biggest in Germany, so a fixture in November or December could suffice.

How to get tickets to watch Borussia Dortmund

Although much of Westfalenstadion’s capacity is made up of season ticket holders and away supporters, there are still ways of getting your hands on Dortmund match tickets. There are companies like Football Break that offer all-inclusive trip packages, including travel, accommodation and match tickets, but it’s also possible to get tickets yourself. There is a telephone ticket hotline, and the BVB online ticket shop also conducts sales online. It might be worth signing up to become a club member, which allows you to get in on the act one or two days before tickets go on general sale.

Ultimately, a trip to watch Borussia Dortmund will satisfy most British football fans. Dortmund are also increasingly loading their squad with young British talent like Jadon Sancho, so it’s great to watch our young Lions in Bundesliga action.